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Includes Begonias, Geraniums, Petunias

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The best bedding plant offers in the UK

If you love buying bedding plants then you will find the best bargains here at Bedding Plant Offers. We list the very best deals that get you more plants for your money.

We have growing hints on how to make the most of your bedding plants and ideas for planting out displays of bedding plants. There are many traditional bedding plants which we think should be grown in your gardens for good reason! They offer great colours, plenty of flowers and a long flowering season.

Bedding plants come in two main types: Those that flower in winter and those that flower in summer.

The ones you buy in winter are ones that will flower in summer and the ones you buy at the end of summer are the ones you will have flowering in your garden in winter.

plane bedding plant
This was in Newton Heath a few years ago - we stopped and took a photo of it! An impressive airplane!

Usually the earlier you buy bedding plant, the smaller they are and the more care and attention they need. They are however much cheaper to buy as smaller plug plants and you will find that once you get in to the routine of looking after them they are easy and it doesn't take much time. If you're on a budget or have plenty of space for growing on plants you will enjoy caring for the little plug plants.

If you don't have much room then go for bigger plants. The biggest size is garden ready plants that can be planted out straight away into the garden. These are ideal if you don't have green fingers but want to have colour in your garden.

What is a bedding plant?

A bedding plant is a plant that is used in garden flower beds to provide colour. They are usually annuals and as such only used for one season. Summer bedding plants may well be half hardy annuals which mean they are frost sensitive which means they can only be planted out after the frosts have gone.

Bedding plants can be used in hanging baskets, tubs, boxes, garden beds and borders, along the edge of paths, on the allotment and in flower pots in your conservatory!

A display of bedding plants can quite cheaply fill your garden with colour. The plants are picked for their ease of care, colour and persistence of floweing.

You can use them for narrow beds, or be more creative with your colour choices and create patterns and even images in your garden. They were historically used for displays by local councils in parks, on roundabouts and other locations. They are to a lesser extent these days due to the labour costs involved, but many councils still keep some areas of parks filled with colourful bedding plant displays.

It is easy to use them to be bold and creative. They make good fillers in borders where you have perennial plants too to bring a splash of colour.

When are plants available?
Seeds are usually available most of the year but generally need sowing from December onwards.
Small plug plants are available for dispatch from the end of March
Bigger plug plants are available from April through to May
Biggest garden ready plug plants are available from May.
Some specialist mixtures (eg: patchwork which is separately marked colours within your order) are available by special pre-order for which the deadline is usually the end of December. This is because the plants must be grown specially for you and they are more labour intensive marking out the colours and ensuring your trays of plants have the right mix.



One simple pot can be stuffed full of colour!
Send us your photos of beautiful pots of bedding plants and any hints!




News alert - earl 2012 news - impatiens busy lizzie downey mildew threat

Mildew has wiped out huge number of impatiens - so possible for there to be none this year. A shocker for the best selling bedding plants - It's estimated that B&Q and Homebase usually sell about 35 million busy lizzies a year!

Luckily there are plenty more varieties of plants available


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All Autumn Bedding Plants at Jersey plants Direct

Traditional autumn bedding plants include: Pansies, Violas, Primroses


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