How to design a flower bed

Designing a flower bed

How to lay out your bedding plant design.

If you have a narrow border that will only take one plant in the depth so it’s just a case of deciding a colour order and arranging the plants in that order.
If you have a wide border that needs more plants across the width then you have more options.
If you have a vast flower bed that needs filling you can draw out a design and do something ambitious!

Normally it’s only the parks department of the local council who have time to spend hours putting together complicated designs. I’d love to see your designs that you’ve done at home. Email me with a photo and tell me how you achieved the design effect, what plants you used and I’ll share it with everyone on this site.

Basic guidelines are

- plant in odd numbers. The rule of 3 most definitely applies, but also the rule of 5 or 7 works too with plants.
- plant at the right distance apart. Not too close and not too far.
- keep a few spare plants by in case your display gets damaged.
- think about the final height of plants as well as the colours.
- put taller plants towards the back so they don’t block anything
- sketch it on paper if you have a complicated idea

Design ideas for using bedding plants

- just plant one type. Slightly closer together than normal so you end up with a huge swathe of them.

- curved lines like a yin and yang symbol. Best in a circular flower bed. Use two colours.

- plant up lots of containers with the same colour plants in.

- theme your garden in one colour but have lots of different shades of that colour.

- mark out your design in sand (Snaffle a bit of kids play sand if you have some handy)

- theme your display in your local football team colours if you're a fan!

- pick one plant type but get every colour possible for a really bright display.

Some hints that make the job easier
- make a measuring stick to make it easy to get the distances right.
- rake round after you’ve watered everything in
- add a good layer of mulch to finish the job off and keep the water in and cut down on weeds!

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