Which flowers are bedding plants?


What flowers are used as bedding plants


Alyssum is a small flowering plant used often for edging. It is available in traditional white as well as shades of pink: Lavender, Rose, and Violet
Antirrhinum are also known as snapdragons. These are available in different sizes with a normal size you can open and put your finger in (although beware of bees as they love them) or smaller ones. They are said to resemble dragon heads and they snap shut if you open them gently.
Argyranthemum are like daisies. A central bit surrounded by petals.
Aster is another daisy like plant.
Bacopa have a large bell shaped flowers
Bellis vary from a daisy to a double flowering daisy to almost like a pom pom flower
Bracteantha is a straw daisy. Has great qualitys like being heat, frost and drought tolerance. Can be dried easily.
Calceolaria has 6 -10 stems on each plant with small round flowers on top.
Carnation are not generally very hardy but can be kept in tubs and bought into greenhouses in winter. They are smallish flowers with ruffled petals that are very pretty. Often used as cut flowers in bouquets so a useful plant if you like bringing flowers in. You could always bring a whole pot of them in to the house. These will last longer than cutting them.
Also known as dianthus or pinks.
Celosia has plume like flowers that stand upright. They are bold colours and make for a striking display.
Chrysanthemum vary from single, double and again pompom style flowers. They also vary in size with huge flower heads available on some plants.
Cineraria is used for it's foliage as it has silvery leaves that makes an attractive plant to surround others with - autumn bedding.
Coleus is another foliage bedding plant. Bright two tone coloured leaves available in a variety of colours.
Cosmos has feathery foliage and round leaf like daisy flowers. There is a variety called Chocolate Cosmos.
Cyclamen is originally from wooded areas and is available in normal and minature. The leaves are round and the flowers held elegantly on long stems. Can also be used as a houseplant.
Dahlia is either double flowered or a pompom style head flower. Bright colours. Long lasting display but must be in the best sunshine.
Dianthus is another name for carnation or pinks.
Gerbera are big flowering daisies.
Marigold has full flowers and is also known as Calendula. They are used for companian planting and have bright orange and red colours. They have a distinct smell and are good for attracting bees, butterflies and moths to your garden.
Mimulus has big bold flower heads.
Nasturtium although easily grown from seed they can be bought as plug plants giving you an easy way of adding colour. They climb and trail through other plants and provide plenty of beautiful big bright flowers. A firm favourite for many people and you can pickle the seeds as a caper substitute.
Nicotiana also known as tobacco plant. Lots of different varities and have flowers in a 5 petals star shaped trumpet. Have beautiful scents and is a lovely plant.
Osteospermum have big daisy-like flowers. Some of the varieties are two tone.
Pansy is a lovely bedding plant and good for winter and summer with a range of varieties. There are bold bright colours with big flowers, small pansies, pastel colours, single flowers and double and the ruffled can can which is a star performer!
Phlox has delicate flowers that are in many stems bunching together to look like bigger flower heads. Many colours.
Polyanthus are hybrids between cowslips and primroses. Small plants which flower profusely. Great for winter colour through until Spring. Polyanthus have multiple flowers on a stem, and primroses have only one flower per stem.
Portulaca are semi succulent bedding plant which offer good ground cover and love hot sunny areas. There are large double and semi double flowered versions of this lovely bedding plant.
Primrose is a low growing bedding plant with pretty coloured flowers that have round petals. They are are less tolerant of dry soils than polyanthus.
Primula - are a large genus of plants, that encompasses primroses and polyanthus. The most different one is the Primula Vialiia which looks like an Orchid giving rise to it's other name the orchid primrose.
Ranunculus look somewhat like roses in open bloom. They are pretty double flowered and there is a naturally dwarf variety.
Salpiglossis has a dwarf and elegant branching habit which provides for plenty of boldly coloured flowers.
Scaevola is a trailing bedding plant that is a tropical plant originally from Australia so you can guess that it likes the sunny aspect!
Senetti is a brightly coloured spikey daisy.
Stock is a traditional bedding plant capable of providing plenty of great coloured double flowers and soft green foliage. Night scented stocks are stronger smelling at dusk and are great to have around patios and decked areas where you are likely to be out on summer evenings.
Sweet Peas are like peas but prettier! They are tall climbing plants with pretty flowers. Can be in a huge variety of types and there are many varieties named after famous people. They smell lovely and provide cut flowers. They are happy with having flowers cut every day too!
Sweet William is another traditional favourite that is often used in cottage gardens. It has many flowers together on stems.
Thunbergia a great climber and trailing plant with lovely 5 petal flowers with an almost square edge!
Torenia - wishbone variety has a wishbone shaped stamen! Vigorous with pretty coloured flowers.
Viola are small pansy like plants that have smaller flowers but a good range of colours. Traditionally violet but available in many colours.
Wallflower are great bedding plants that are very traditional. Wallflowers are treated as biennials because they give so much in the first couple of seasons that they flower less after that.
Zinnia is another bright daisy like plant that loves hot conditions which isn't a surprise as it's from South Africa!


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