Geranium bedding plants

Geranium Facts

The geranium was native to South Africa.

It belongs to the family Geraniaceae.

Was introduced into Europe in about 1690.

Also known as a Pelargonium.

Wild Geranium is a woodland perennial plant native to eastern North America, that is now grown in gardens in the UK as a perennial.

Herb Robert is Geranium robertianum - this distinctive smelling weed is actually quite pretty with tiny pink flowers.

You can take cuttings from gernaniums and over winter them in a greenhouse.

The Victorians loved scented geraniums and growing them was a popular pasttime.

All geraniums are edible - try the flowers as flavourings in salads and ice creams. Obviously the scented varieties are of most interest.

Geranium bedding plants

These are one of the most recognised bedding plants and have been used for many years in outdoor garden displays.

Geraniums have a distinct smell too which makes them evoke memories perhaps of your childhood if you had keen gardening grandparents maybe.

Geraniums are available at seeds, small plug plants, garden ready and super garden ready plants.



Here are just some of the geranium plants available today at Jersey Plants Direct

Geranium Parade 100 Plants + 60 FREE
Geranium Parade 100 Plants + 60 FREE £9.99
Geranium Parade Plug Plants
Geraniums for less than 7p per plant!
It's an industry first and an unbeatable offer from Jersey plants direct and with free delivery too!
Geraniums are available now as quality guaranteed plug plants.They offer you lasting colour to your garden throughout the summer. The large flowers in reds and pinks will brighten your borders from June to October. This is an old favourite for the garden beds and borders and a much loved Geranium! Old favourites are favourites because of their reliability in producing flowers for the entire summer.
Geranium Fire Queen 100 Plants + 60 FREE
Geranium Fire Queen 100 Plants + 60 FREE £9.99
These are the Stunning Red Geranium Fire Queen.
This classic large flowered red geranium is a beautiful example of a geranium.
The red flowers stand proud of the green coloured leaves, giving a lovely backdrop to the large flowers.
Geranium Fire Queen is a good plant to have in dry conditions and will bloom throughout the summer. Good for tubs when they are less susceptible to drying out and wilting in hot weather. The sort of reliable plant you need in your garden for guaranteed summer colour.
Geranium Tutti Frutti 100 Plants + 60 FREE
Geranium Tutti Frutti 100 Plants + 60 FREE £15.99
Another very attractive geraniums in bright orange and pinks.
These Tutti Frutti have beautiful large flowered geraniums that will flower throughout the summer making a wonderful display in your garden.
The bright orange and pink coloured flowers will make a stunning bright display for your summer garden. These geraniums are drought tolerant too making them good for tubs. Still water them - they will survive if you forget sometimes.
Geranium Verona Dream 100 Plants + 60 FREE
Geranium Verona Dream 100 Plants + 60 FREE £15.99
A Unique designer mix F1 variety in Red, White and Raspberry Ripple colours. Pretty flowers with nice colour mix making it a good plant to fill your garden borders with.

These beautiful large flowered plants will flower throughout the summer as geraniums tend to do so well!
Verona dream are available as plug plants, garden ready and seeds.




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