The best way of planting out bedding plants

How to plant out bedding plants

At least an hour before you plan to plant out bedding plants you should water the plants thoroughly.

Don't plan to plant out during the hottest part of the day. Late afternoon is probably best.

Make sure you have hardened off the plants properly.

Ensure the bed is raked and even.

Decide on where you're going to plant them.

Mark out any complicated patterns with sand or sticks and string.

Dig the hole ever so slightly deeper than the plants.

Fill this hole with water.

Remove the plant carefully from the plastic pot. Some might need gentle squeezing or poking from the bottom.

Carefully tease out any compacted root balls. Be careful not to damage the roots.

Put the plant in the hole.

Push soil back around the plant and firm down with your hands, gently.

Make the soil around the plant level.

Water the plant in.

You will want to water the plant every day, then every couple of days for about a week. This is to ensure it settles in well.




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