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Facts about Lobelia

Lobelia is a genus of flowering plant comprising 360–400 species

Lobelia inflata is also called Indian Tobacco and has been used as a medicine to treat asthma type illnesses. It was smoked by Native Americans as a cure.

Lobelia is a potentially toxic plant so don't include it's flowers in any food.

It is happy with shade and damp - so a good English garden plant!


Lobelia seedsLobelia

Lobelia seeds are tiny. You can see them on this photo to the right. They are less than 0.5mm long! If you are growing from seed you will need to take care to spread them out thinly.

Because this is a trailing version it is ideal for hanging baskets and window boxes where you want to make a big impact! It's also good for along paths and filling in areas in your garden borders.

Lobelia Trail Away (Trailing) 100 Plants+ 60 FREELobelia Trail away at Jersey Plants Direct - Beautiful trailing plants in shades of cool blue. This fantastic Lobelia has beautiful open tubular flowers in shades of lilac and blue

Available as plugs, seeds and garden ready plants.

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Useful as an edging plant

Colours of flowers are Mid Blue, Light Blue, White, Carmine, Purple, Mauve, and Lilac.
Trail 20-25cm
Spread 10-15cm
Flowering May to First Frost
Planting Position Full sun to partial shade so a versatile plant.

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