Slug prevention

Slugs are one of the biggest enemies of gardeners.

This wool based product is safe to use in your garden


Protect your plants from slugs

Slugs can decimate your garden. They will pick the newly planted items and munch away until nothing is left.
There are several methods of dealing with them.

Physical barrier methods - slugs don't like to cross scratchy surfaces. Some people use barriers made of grit. There is a wool based product that can stop them.

These are vulnerable to being disturbed when you tend the soil or after heavy rain.

Beer - this is a great attractant and they will drown in a tray of it. They will race across the garden to the beer pub you put down for them. Cover the container of beer so it doesn't get rain in. Ask at your local if you can collect some dregs.

Bran - a layer of bran can stop them. They will eat this themselves.

Tape - copper tape is said to be a barrier to slugs. You can put tape around pots to stop them climbing in.
Copper Slug and Snail Tape £7.99
Copper Slug and Snail Tape (Pack of 2) £11.98

Cloches - plastic bottle cloches can stop them, but if they get in then they have a lovely safe environment to eat away at the delicate plants.

Nemotodes. Work really well for at least 6 weeks. Makes a huge difference to your gardening. You can plant out tender plants after applying the nemotodes and the slugs just aren't there! Downside - cost, but very effective.
Highly recommended.

Slugs: Control with 12 Million Parasitic Nematodes (Phas) £13.99
Slugs: Control with 30 Million Parasitic Nematodes (Phas) £25.99


Hedgehogs and frogs - natural predators which will eat slugs. Create an environment which will encourage these and you should get some help dealing with slugs.

Manual picking
- probably not for everyone but can be hugely rewarding. You can snip them in half with secatuers or pick them up and drop them in salty water.
You could lay down cover material to collect them under and then check these locations nightly. It will remove some slugs. Examine plants at dusk and remove any slugs you find.


Slug pellets are available in many types and brands. Always read the labels carefully especially if you have pets.

Bayer Garden Slug Bait 350g £9.99
Bayer Garden Slug Bait 700g £14.98

Doff Slug Pelletts 350g £5.99
Doff Slug Pelletts 700g £8.98

Natural Choice - Slug Control Pack £19.99

Portable Slug and Snail Trap £7.99
Portable Slug and Snail Trap (Pack of 2) £11.98

Slug Traps with Attractant (Pack of 3) £9.99
Slug Traps with Attractant (Pack of 6) £14.98
Slug and Snail Trap Attractant £7.99
Slug and Snail Trap Attractant (Pack of 2) £11.98

Strawberry and Hosta Mats (pack of 10) £14.98 - these can stop slugs reaching plants.
Strawberry and Hosta Mats (pack of 5) £9.99

Make your garden more unfriendly by clearing away any debris they may stay under during the day. Also strimming grass edges next to wooden edging can remove places for them to hide.
When you find a slug hiding place then eliminate it if you can!

Not all slugs are bad, they are essential for getting rid of rotting and decaying plant material. But they can devast your vegetables and flowers.

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