Verbena Bedding plants


Verbena Bedding plant facts

Don't overfeed! They almost thrive on neglect once they're in situ!

They are easy to grow!

Verbena don't mind either full sun or shade so are very versatile.

They have good resistance to mildew.

Trailing and upright varieties are available.

Common Vervain (V. officinalis), is a popular plant for butterflies and bees.

Verbena are versatile plants that are drought-resistant, tolerating full to partial sun, are happy on well-drained, average soils.

This means you don't really need to worry about where you put them in your garden.

In fiction vervain is used against vampires and witches.

The oil of some is used in perfumery - and plants such as Lemon Verbena have a great smell!


It's a great historical plant too with it being known in Ancient Egypt as "Tears of Isis" and "Juno's tears".
It was dedicated to Eos Goddess of the Dawn

It aquired the name "Holy Herb" after early Christian Folk Myths believed that Common Vervain (V. officinalis) was used to staunch Jesus' wounds after his removal from the cross.



Verbena Twinkle shown here

Verbena has been a popular bedding plant for years! It performs well in all gardens! It isn't fussy on soil or location so is well worth putting in your garden. It will attract many insects too so is good for wildlife.


Pastel and bright colours available.
Upright and trailing varieties make this an interesting type of bedding plant. Whilst the flowers themselves are small they are in dense bunches so it's an impressive plant to have in your garden.

Verbena is available to buy as both seed and plants at Jersey Plants Direct

Verbena Voodoo Star (Trailing) 28 Super Ready Plants
Verbena Voodoo Star (Trailing) 28 Super Ready Plants £15.99
A lovely Trailing Verbena will brighten up your hanging baskets no end!
Voodoo Star gives you bright and bold colours for Spring Colour.
Verbena Twinkle (Trailing) 28 Super Ready Plants
Verbena Twinkle (Trailing) 28 Super Ready Plants £15.99
Twinkle is a large flowering trailing verbena.
Fantastic Spring colour and can be used in your borders as well as patio pots and hanging baskets.
Big flowers in Crimson, dark purple, red, purple!
Can plant in full sunshine or even in partial shade.
Verbena Glory Days 100 Plants + 60 FREE
Verbena Glory Days 100 Plants + 60 FREE £11.99
These bedding plants are a proven favourite because of their ease of growth and great performance.
They will flower throughout the summer and bring a mass of colours to your borders.
Colours are Pink, Red, Blue and White
Verbena Bonariensis 6 Jumbo Ready Plants
Verbena Bonariensis 6 Jumbo Ready Plants £11.99
Much loved by butterflies! An excellent plant to have in your garden if you are interested in attracting more wildlife.
RHS AGM Award Winner Attracts Wildlife:- bees, butterflies and moths to the garden.
This Verbena has delicate purple flowers on top of long stems.
It is a great plant for the back of your borders flowering in late summer.
Verbena (Trailing) 28 Super Ready Plants
Verbena (Trailing) 28 Super Ready Plants £15.99
Bold coloured flowers that are ideal for baskets and tubs
With large flowers with a compact habit make great bedding plants for borders. Being are resistant to mildew they offer you guaranteed colour.
Colours chosen are proven performers - Red, White, Dark Pink and Violet!
Ideal for baskets and tubs where you want plenty of colour.




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