What makes a good bedding plant?

What makes a good bedding plants?


There are several factors to be considered

The amount of flowers a plant produces is probably one of the most important factors in picking a good bedding plant. If it flowers once and then that’s it then it’s not a very exciting bedding plant. Ideally plants should have the ability to constantly flower throughout their growing season.

They need to flower for as long as possible – for summer bedding plants this would be from as soon as the frosts finish to when the come again in the autumn.

The perfect bedding plant would not wilt and die if it didn’t get watered for a couple of days. Plants that like dry conditions make great plants that need little attention.

No deadheading! In an ideal world then plants wouldn’t need deadheading. That means taking off the dead flowers. Some plants need this to encourage them to grow more otherwise they put their energy into making seeds.

As little maintenance as possible makes for a happy gardener!

Plants that can survive a summer torential downpour!

Being available in a range of colours and flower types (double, single, ruffled) makes a bedding plant more interesting!

The top selling bedding plants are:


These all have many of the top characteristics that you'd expect from a good bedding plant! They've been tried and tested over the years and you can always get a good display from them.

Plants need to be well looked after, well watered and with plenty of light. If they are tall and straggly then that have been too crowded or in too dark a space. They grow tall and spingly when they have to really reach for the light.

Plant should be healthy and pest free when you buy them. Don't buy trays of plants that have lots of brown leaves or are covered in aphids or white fly. If plants have mildew on them then don't buy them.

Plants in garden centres sometimes don't get the care and attention they need - check the pots. If the soil is bone dry then they might not be as healthy as they could be and it can be harder to rehydrate the soil.

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